Fox Finds Love

By Roselyn Barks | Illustrated by Roselyn Barks

On his journey to find love, Fox interacts with a number of forest creatures. Each helps in their own way, slowly guiding him to move forward in his journey. Ultimately, Fox finds and rests in love, and all is well.

With all the touches of a classic, Fox Finds Love comes to life courtesy of Barks’s beautiful illustrations.

Pressed Petals

By Maverick L. Malone

In Pressed Petals, Malone’s first poetry anthology, she explores the themes of self-love and personal growth. This intense focus was brought on by divorce and explored through the deep healing that occurred through the writing process.

Self-discovery, magic, and ultimately hope pulsate throughout the pages of this heartfelt book.

Poppy Goes to the Aquarium

By Rachel Cherry | Illustrated by Laraib Sukhera

Poppy loves playing dress up. She loves going out with her Aunt Lucy even more. When Aunt Lucy invites her on an aquarium adventure, Poppy can’t wait!

Join the pair as they interact with aquarium creatures and learn some Spanish along the way.

Named Amazon’s #1 New Release in Children’s Spanish Books

Discovering My Dyslexia Superpowers

By Megan Nicolas | Illustrated by Emmanuel Ifeanacho

At a young age, it was obvious — I was different. Once I learned I was dyslexic, I realized those differences didn’t make me weak or weird. They gave me superpowers!

Discovering My Dyslexia Superpowers was written to fill a gap in dyslexia literature. Together with her children—one who is dyslexic—Nicolas wanted to encourage and educate others on the brilliant minds of dyslexics and encourage families to help unlock those minds.

Named Amazon’s #1 New Release in Children’s School Issues and getting press!


By Rachel Randall

When a brilliantly shining boy offers to return Nia to the Sunlands, she’s intrigued. The invisible, controlling imp, Pester, is horrified.

Forced to confront the darker side of impish nature while maintaining an oath to protect Nia, Pester must choose how to act. All the while, Nia must find the strength and courage to escape before the imps of the Shadelands claim her for good.

Ollie the Little Bigfoot

By Traci Champion, Mia Champion-Griffin, and Zoe Champion

Oliver is the littlest Bigfoot in the family, and he does things his way. He experiences the world a bit differently, and that’s okay. It’s who he is, and that’s enough.

Inspired by her son who has autism, Ollie the Little Bigfoot was written to help kids who are on or off the spectrum to remember that differences aren’t bad. They’re what make you one of a kind!


3 in 1: 31-Day Devotional, Journal, and Walk through My Breast Cancer Journey

By Nicole Walker

Cancer wasn’t in Nicole Walker’s plan. But it was in God’s.

Journey with Nicole in this unique devotional/journal/memoir as she tells her story and encourages readers in their faith. Because even though cancer seems overwhelming, God is in charge. He’s in control. And He loves His children.

A Hiding Place Fit for a King

By Anja Dhinagaran | Illustrated by Anna Panchuk

The sun is shining, and the milkweed meadow is in full bloom—the perfect day for Frog, Mouse, and Caterpillar to play hide-and-seek.

Each friend takes a turn hiding, but no one hides as well as Caterpillar. After days of searching, Frog and Mouse are exhausted. Where is Caterpillar? Nearly asleep, they make a surprising discovery!

Sophie and the Stream

By Pam Burgess | Illustrated by Aanu David

The fair is tomorrow morning, and Sophie is so excited! She struggles to fall asleep, and when she finally does, she has a curious dream. What she learns helps her prepare for the big day.

Sophie is back with another fun story that is sure to get young readers thinking.

Backyard Explorers

By Betsy Hibbett | Illustrated by Elena Vorobeva

There is no better way to spend a beautiful spring day than exploring. That’s just what Betsy Hibbett encourages kids to do in this follow-up to her first wonderful book, Backyard Breakfast.

Grab this book if want to get your little ones outside for some fun and fresh air!

Little Moon, Little Moon

By Jessica Tabb | Illustrated by Melissa Kelley

Do you love the moon? Then you’ll love Jessica Tabb’s Little Moon, Little Moon.

Full of rhyme and wonder, this book takes little readers on a delightful trip through the galaxy in an effort to answer one question:

Where does the moon go during the day?

Named’s #1 New Release in Children’s Aeronautics & Space Books

Pickles & Pork Rind

By Crystal Cox Shimer | Illustrated by Traci Champion

Pickles and Pork Rind may be different, but that doesn’t stop them from becoming best friends.

In this sweet, sing-songy picture book, Crystal Cox Shimer reminds us that friendship bridges every gap, no matter how large it may seem.

Named’s #1 New Release in Children’s Elephant Books

Charlotte’s Lost Water Bottle

By Ann Cater | Illustrated by Joy Taylor

Charlotte loves the zoo, but losing her favorite water bottle makes her sad.

Join Charlotte’s family as they team up with the zoo animals to hunt for Charlotte’s lost water bottle and learn a valuable lesson in the process.

A heartwarming story that helps young readers focus on what’s most important in life. Also available in Spanish

Named Amazon’s #1 New Release in Children’s Zoo Books

Backyard Breakfast

By Betsy Hibbett | Illustrated by Elena Vorobeva

It’s morning, and it’s time for breakfast. That means collecting eggs, picking vegetables, and even gathering honey. Because it’s time for a backyard breakfast!

A wonderful rhyming picture book, Backyard Breakfast shows that with a little work, we can eat well without heading to the grocery store.

Named’s #1 New Release in Children’s Gardening Books

Hibbett also got some local press!

Sophie Wears Someone Else’s Shoes

By Pam Burgess | Illustrated by Aanu David

Sophie the rabbit is having a hard day. Her friend Freddy Fox ignores her. Then Sally Squirrel gets upset at Sophie.

This makes Sophie sad and confused, until she learns to put herself in Freddy and Sally’s shoes.

This sweet story teaches young readers that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions and get upset. Instead, they should give other people the benefit of the doubt and put themselves in others’ shoes.

Rainbow City: Exploring What We Won’t Find (Or Miss!) in Heaven or on the New Earth

By Robert E. Drake

Have you ever wondered what it will be like in Heaven? Living eternally means there will be absolutely NO time limits on the amount of fun, exploration, living, learning, and loving God’s elect can experience and enjoy. The Holy Scriptures reveal enough information about Heaven to infer what may or may not be there.

Rainbow City is a thoughtful book written to counter false concepts and distortions about Heaven and the New Earth.

Named’s #1 New Release in Seventh-Day Adventist Christianity

Financial Game Changer: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

By Lynn McCarty

Have you ever felt like you and your entire financial life are drifting in a lifeboat—with holes in it? That your bad financial habits put some of the holes there?

Meet Charlie and Emily. Their debt is rising faster than they can bail, and there’s no shore in sight.

Can a new set of financial habits really change everything? Find out in Financial Game Changer.

The Insecure King: 10 Powerful Lessons from the Life of King Saul

By John Calhoun

Everything looks promising. You’ve been told that you’re one of a kind, just like everyone else. BUT YOU ARE HIDING. You hide because you’re afraid. Afraid of failure. Of not knowing. Not being enough.

What if I told you that God didn’t just design your gifts and passions? He also designed your flaws and weaknesses. These God-designed weaknesses force us to choose between humility or insecurity. What will you choose?

18: An Unschooling Experience

By Marta Obiols Llistar

Teacher Marta Obiols Llistar decides to take her kids out of the school system to unschool them.

Overwhelmed with a series of disappointments of the so-called normal life, she embarks into a new life of unknowns. In this memoir, she gives an up-close and personal view of her endeavors, educating her kids until the eldest turns 18.

A must-read for parents considering unschooling their children.

Pink Sand Footprints at Harbour Island

By Frances Knowles Albury

Pink Sand Footprints tells the true story of Frances Knowles Albury. She came from humble beginnings, taking a journey through life one footprint at a time. It was a journey etched in the simplicity of island living and tested by life, as Frances grew.

If you love the feel of sand between your toes, a cool ocean breeze, the lure of crystal-clear water, and a touch of Bahamian cuisine, this book is for you.

You Will See: walking through uncertainty and seeing God in it all

By Sarah U. Buck

You Will See is for anyone walking through a hard season, looking for answers, and needing healing. In her book, Sarah tells her story of a mystery illness and how losing significant things in her life gave her the opportunity to see God as undeniably real.

Discover with Sarah how God uses challenges and disappointments to take us deeper into our faith. And how paying attention to the way God uniquely speaks to us can embolden our hearts to trust Him in new and radical ways.

There Is Always Hope: A Biblical Perspective on Finding Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness

By Sarah Ann May

There Is Always Hope is for those who long to see Hope in the midst of difficult situations. Starting with a personal life experience, the book explains biblical hope by showing that Jesus is more than our only hope. He IS Hope.

It then identifies hopelessness, gives tools to seek and find the many promises given through Christ, and explains how knowing Hope changes your perspective on everything, bringing life and light in the midst of any circumstance.

The Little Acorn

By Leia Armbrust

A little acorn loves life with her mother and her siblings. Then one day, she gets carried away to a new land, where she is all alone.

In this new land, the acorn is sad and lonely, but she slowly learns to appreciate the circle of life as she grows into a mom tree herself.

A sweet story written and illustrated by 9-year-old Leia Armbrust, this cute picture book will inspire and encourage children going through uncomfortable and difficult life circumstances. Because no matter how bad things look, there are bright days ahead!

Pulling Down Strongholds: A Practical, Bible-Based Study on Spiritual Warfare

By Pastor Larry Briggs

Throughout history, the Church has been under attack by a powerful and persistent enemy. How do you handle this battle on a personal level? Will you  overcome or suffer defeat?

Pastor Briggs wrote Pull Down Strongholds to help readers identify and defeat our adversary, the devil.


By Pete Nelson

A powerful consideration of one of the most beloved psalms in Scripture. Written by missionary Pete Nelson, as he battled a fatal disease.

Originally published in 1995 as a pamphlet, this updated edition features a prayer penned by Pete and an epilogue by his wife, Carol Nelson.

The Secret Place: 7 Meditations for the Last-Day Church

By Pastor Larry Briggs

In the secret place, God spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend, and David found forgiveness and strength to continue his ministry.

Likewise, it is in this sacred, secret place that you and I will discover the wonderful things God has prepared for us during these difficult times.