Rainbow City: Exploring What We Won’t Find (Or Miss!) in Heaven or on the New Earth

By Robert E. Drake

Have you ever wondered what it will be like in Heaven? Living eternally means there will be absolutely NO time limits on the amount of fun, exploration, living, learning, and loving God’s elect can experience and enjoy. The Holy Scriptures reveal enough information about Heaven to infer what may or may not be there.

Rainbow City is a thoughtful book written to counter false concepts and distortions about Heaven and the New Earth.

Named’s #1 New Release in Seventh-Day Adventist Christianity

Financial Game Changer: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

By Lynn McCarty

Have you ever felt like you and your entire financial life are drifting in a lifeboat—with holes in it? That your bad financial habits put some of the holes there?

Meet Charlie and Emily. Their debt is rising faster than they can bail, and there’s no shore in sight.

Can a new set of financial habits really change everything? Find out in Financial Game Changer.

The Insecure King: 10 Powerful Lessons from the Life of King Saul

By John Calhoun

Everything looks promising. You’ve been told that you’re one of a kind, just like everyone else. BUT YOU ARE HIDING. You hide because you’re afraid. Afraid of failure. Of not knowing. Not being enough.

What if I told you that God didn’t just design your gifts and passions? He also designed your flaws and weaknesses. These God-designed weaknesses force us to choose between humility or insecurity. What will you choose?

18: An Unschooling Experience

By Marta Obiols Llistar

Teacher Marta Obiols Llistar decides to take her kids out of the school system to unschool them.

Overwhelmed with a series of disappointments of the so-called normal life, she embarks into a new life of unknowns. In this memoir, she gives an up-close and personal view of her endeavors, educating her kids until the eldest turns 18.

A must-read for parents considering unschooling their children.

Pink Sand Footprints at Harbour Island

By Frances Knowles Albury

Pink Sand Footprints tells the true story of Frances Knowles Albury. She came from humble beginnings, taking a journey through life one footprint at a time. It was a journey etched in the simplicity of island living and tested by life, as Frances grew.

If you love the feel of sand between your toes, a cool ocean breeze, the lure of crystal-clear water, and a touch of Bahamian cuisine, this book is for you.

You Will See: walking through uncertainty and seeing God in it all

By Sarah U. Buck

You Will See is for anyone walking through a hard season, looking for answers, and needing healing. In her book, Sarah tells her story of a mystery illness and how losing significant things in her life gave her the opportunity to see God as undeniably real.

Discover with Sarah how God uses challenges and disappointments to take us deeper into our faith. And how paying attention to the way God uniquely speaks to us can embolden our hearts to trust Him in new and radical ways.

There Is Always Hope: A Biblical Perspective on Finding Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness

By Sarah Ann May

There Is Always Hope is for those who long to see Hope in the midst of difficult situations. Starting with a personal life experience, the book explains biblical hope by showing that Jesus is more than our only hope. He IS Hope.

It then identifies hopelessness, gives tools to seek and find the many promises given through Christ, and explains how knowing Hope changes your perspective on everything, bringing life and light in the midst of any circumstance.

The Little Acorn

By Leia Armbrust

A little acorn loves life with her mother and her siblings. Then one day, she gets carried away to a new land, where she is all alone.

In this new land, the acorn is sad and lonely, but she slowly learns to appreciate the circle of life as she grows into a mom tree herself.

A sweet story written and illustrated by 9-year-old Leia Armbrust, this cute picture book will inspire and encourage children going through uncomfortable and difficult life circumstances. Because no matter how bad things look, there are bright days ahead!

Pulling Down Strongholds: A Practical, Bible-Based Study on Spiritual Warfare

By Pastor Larry Briggs

Throughout history, the Church has been under attack by a powerful and persistent enemy. How do you handle this battle on a personal level? Will you  overcome or suffer defeat?

Pastor Briggs wrote Pull Down Strongholds to help readers identify and defeat our adversary, the devil.


By Pete Nelson

A powerful consideration of one of the most beloved psalms in Scripture. Written by missionary Pete Nelson, as he battled a fatal disease.

Originally published in 1995 as a pamphlet, this updated edition features a prayer penned by Pete and an epilogue by his wife, Carol Nelson.

Six Firsts: 6 short stories of romance, invention, hope & heartache

By Peggy Loflin

Throughout history, the world has been fascinated with stories of firsts. Doing something for the first time, no matter how insignificant, is significant. Unfortunately, many of these firsts leave only a trace in history.

Six Firsts seeks to remedy that.

In this small volume, Peggy Loflin has taken factually accurate first events and given them some fiction. At her request, flat facts become heart-felt stories with characters who you will love, despise, and understand.

The Secret Place: 7 Meditations for the Last-Day Church

By Pastor Larry Briggs

In the secret place, God spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend, and David found forgiveness and strength to continue his ministry.

Likewise, it is in this sacred, secret place that you and I will discover the wonderful things God has prepared for us during these difficult times.