Spin a frightening tale with these 31 Halloween writing prompts.

Want to do some creepy, crawly writing this Halloween season? Get the ink flowing every day with thirty-one Halloween writing prompts.

Halloween Writing Prompts for You

  1. You wake up on Halloween morning to discover that you have a superpower related to the holiday. What is your power, and how do you use it throughout the day?
  2. Write a spooky story about a haunted house that only appears on Halloween night.
  3. Describe a Halloween costume that can only be worn once, and explain why.
  4. Write a letter from a friendly ghost to a child, giving advice on how to have the best Halloween ever.
  5. You accidentally stumble upon a magical potion that can turn anything you want into candy. What do you use it on, and what are the consequences?
  6. Write a poem about the eerie feeling of walking through a dark and misty graveyard on Halloween.
  7. Create a short story about a mischievous black cat that brings both good and bad luck to a Halloween party.
  8. Write a journal entry from the perspective of a pumpkin about to be carved into a jack-o’-lantern.
  9. Tell a story about a group of friends who decide to spend Halloween night in an abandoned, rumored-to-be haunted asylum.
  10. Imagine a world where Halloween is the most important holiday, and people celebrate it for an entire month. Describe the festivities and traditions.
  11. Write a dialogue between a trick-or-treater and a talking scarecrow they encounter in a haunted cornfield.
  12. You find a mysterious and ancient spellbook that promises to make all your Halloween wishes come true. What do you wish for, and what unexpected consequences follow?
  13. Describe the scariest Halloween costume you can imagine and the reactions it gets from others.
  14. Write a story about a pumpkin that comes to life and goes on a Halloween adventure.
  15. Create a recipe for a potion that turns ordinary objects into magical Halloween decorations.
  16. Write a monologue from the perspective of a vampire trying to resist the temptation of blood on Halloween night.
  17. Describe a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt with a twist – the items on the list are all supernatural or mythical creatures.
  18. Write a spooky letter from a haunted house to its new owners, warning them about the ghosts that reside within.
  19. Tell the tale of a Halloween prank gone terribly wrong, with unintended supernatural consequences.
  20. Imagine you are a ghost who can possess objects but not people. Describe your experiences haunting a Halloween costume shop.
  21. Write a conversation between two witches who are competing to brew the most potent and creative Halloween potion.
  22. Describe a Halloween carnival where all the games and attractions are run by real monsters.
  23. Write a story about a group of kids who discover a hidden portal to a Halloween-themed alternate dimension.
  24. Create a list of rules for surviving a night in a haunted forest on Halloween.
  25. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a pumpkin patch scarecrow, sharing its thoughts and experiences on Halloween night.
  26. Imagine you are a ghost who can only communicate with people through their dreams. Describe your interactions with a person on Halloween.
  27. Tell the story of a Halloween party where all the guests slowly transform into their costumes as the night progresses.
  28. Write a dialogue between a trick-or-treater and a friendly monster who offers them a choice between a trick and a treat.
  29. Describe a town where Halloween is celebrated every night, and explore the impact it has on the residents’ lives.
  30. Write a poem about the magical moment when the first leaves of autumn start to fall on Halloween night.
  31. Imagine a world where Halloween creatures (vampires, witches, zombies) have their own holiday traditions. Describe a typical day for one of these creatures on Halloween.

Like these? They came from Chat GPT. We didn’t edit a single word. Because while AI isn’t perfect and the writing style can be off a bit, AI can take some grunt work out of your life. In the event we use AI in the future, we’ll let you know. That way, you can see where AI may fit into your writing process.

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