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Unpacked: A psychiatrist explores and unpacks our collective experience of the COVID pandemic

By Dr. Sara Coffey

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted all of us, as individuals, families, and friends navigated the changing landscape in different ways. Dr. Sara Coffey explores our collective experience to this life-altering global pandemic and helps provide some clarity and meaning to those turbulent times.


Finding My Way to Zilly’Artz

By S. Nicole Davis | Illustrated by TBD

Sweet Z is a young fairy with mature dreams. She loves painting and sharing art with others. This book tells the story of how she got her big chance to do both! This sweet book is sure to become a hit and encourage children to go after their dreams.

Coming Soon!

Positively Haiku, Part 2: Peace, love, and discovery in 17 syllables

By Frank Clark, MD | Illustrated by Daria Ponomarenko

Dr. Frank Clark presents another gorgeous book of haikus to inspire and encourage peace, love, and discovery. Complete with Daria Ponomarenko’s unique art, the book is sure to speak to readers of all ages.


Five-Star Rides

By Nate Livesay

Ever wondered what happens to people who get paid to drive strangers around town? Get behind the wheel with long-time ride-share driver Nate Livesay to find out.


Salvador the Sly Sloth: An Animal-Based Adventure in Alliteration

By Jenn Moss | Illustrated by Azul Mellino

Looking for a fun way to teach your little ones about alliteration? Look no further than Salvador the Sloth. In her second grammatically correct book, Jenn Moss teamed up with Azul Mellino to create a gorgeous book that’s sure to engage young readers. After just one read, your children will be hooked on alliteration, but the story is so fun, kids will beg to read it again and again!

Miles Shares His Smiles

By Nancy Lullo | Illustrated by Grzegorz Wojtowicz

From the playground to the zoo, Miles shares his smiles with me and you. Join Miles as he helps children increase social-emotional interactions, awareness, diversity, and inclusion.

Added Bonus: Net proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation!


What’s in a Name?

By Alejandra Joyner | Illustrated by TBD

Is your name hard to pronounce? Does it have sounds that others struggle with? Don’t be ashamed of your name. Be proud of it. Because what’s in a name? You are!¬†

This sweet picture book encourages children to embrace their names and shout them from the rooftop!

Declan the Dinosaur

By Amber Link | Illustrated by Ani Maqoyan

Declan the dinosaur is a little bit different. Declan has autism. He is unique. He is loved. He is unstoppable!

Meet Declan, a wonderful dinosaur who does things a little bit differently. This wonderful book helps children understand and have empathy for those with autism and other developmental differences.

Coming Soon!


By Joe Connor

The United States of the World continues to expand. Politicians vow that democracy and freedom will span the globe, but other empires vow to destroy it. All the while, Paul and Finley are trying to make it through another week of high school. But an unexpected phenomenon will bring them closer together in a world shaken to its core. As world empires endeavor for power and control, an impending doom is at hand. Implosion is coming.

When Mommy Says

By Jasmine Harris | Illustrated by Funti Kid Books

“Good morning.” Those are Mommy’s first words every day. When Mommy Says is sweet story that follows a mother and son through their daily routine from start to finish. It’s the perfect bedtime story to calm young children and encourage adults to consider each word they speak.

Positively Haiku: Illustrated Affirmations in 17 Syllables

By Frank Clark, MD | Illustrated by Daria Ponomarenko

Haikus may only contain seventeen syllables, but choose the right syllables, and they can build children up. With¬†Positively Haiku, Dr. Frank Clark hopes to encourage children with succinct affirmations. Combined with Daria Ponomarenko’s gorgeous illustrations, this book is a one-of-a-kind way to remind children of the truth.

Anchors Aweigh, Mommy’s Underway!

By Sarah Primiano | Illustrated by Grzegorz Wojtowicz

When Mommy Comes Home is a heartwarming tale of life for a young girl whose mother gets deployed in the military. A wonderful book to help children cope with the absence of a loved one, this story captures a parent’s unconditional love and ways in which a family may find comfort during times of deployment.