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Nerds in the Burbs

By Michael Adam Jones

Join cousins Billy Bathwater and Jack Nerdstrom and their friends as they vie for supremacy of the suburbs against the villainous Shadee Fella and his team of cohorts. 1) For Billy and Jack, a simple day at a convention turns into anything but simple as Shadee and his crew crash the party and make off with a certain childhood hero. Will our bewildered nerds be able to muster their wits and win back the day, or will Shadee ultimately be triumphant? 2) Supernatural chaos tears the burbs asunder as both the nerds and villains must brave weird scenarios and surreal horrors and work together to help set things right before the clock runs out and all heck breaks loose!



Let’s Find My ABCs!

By Jasmine Harris | Illustrated by Antonella Vismara

Do you have children who are learning the alphabet? They’ll never have more fun mastering their letters (and numbers!) than this delightful, rhyming picture book. Full of delightful images that will have them seeking and finding for years to come, Let’s Find My ABCs is a must-have for every developing child’s library!


Ollie Is Back!

By Traci Champion

Ever since Traci Champion introduced Ollie the little bigfoot, fans have been begging for more Ollie. Well, here he is. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

Who, Me?

By Dr. Tiffani Bell | Illustrated by Nastya Bankulova

Every child has unlimited potential. Who, Me? encourages children to realize that, to take risks in life and go after their dreams. This sweet story is a great way to help children gain self-esteem and become the super stars they were born to be!

Florian Finds a Friend

By Alexandra Hill | Illustrated by Nicole Reasonda

Florian the fox loves life in the forest. There’s only one thing missing: a best friend. Join Florian as he looks for the perfect friend and learns an important life lesson in Alexandra Hill’s first children’s book.

The Power to Act

By Dr. Frank Clark & Dr. Zainub Javed | Illustrated by Daria Ponomarenko

No matter who you are, you have the power to act.
How will you use it?
The Power to Act encourages readers to act wisely, out of love and compassion for others.
Believe. Pray. Rise. Stand.

Mr. Lee D’Looo, the New Year’s Imp

By Lauren Connelly | Illustrated by Alex Durso

Ever had weird stuff happen to you after Christmas? It may be the work of Mr. D’Looo. A mischevious imp who pushes his way out of his snow cave every year, he causes chaos until New Year’s Day.

This hilarious, rhyming story will have your kids laughing and begging for more!

Sophie Learns What to Do

By Pam Burgess | Illustrated by Aanu David

Splash! Sophie’s foot is all wet—again! Then she keeps missing the goal in soccer practice. She just keeps messing up! Join Sophie on her fourth adventure as she learns a life lesson about where to focus her mental energy.


Chi and the Search for Joy

By Leanne Mull | Illustrated by Khaidir Syafei

It’s a beautiful day, and cowgirl Chi and her sidekick, cowboy Braveheart, are ready for an adventure. Soon, they learn that their friend, Max, lost his joy. Join them as they go on a quest to find his joy and find it in the most unexpected place. 

Harvest of Hope

By Amanda H. Midkiff | Illustrated by Christopher Fowler

Ever since the big flood a decade earlier, the Jefferies and their beloved farm animals have weathered many seasons of life together. Jake, now a teenager, has new dreams and responsibilities. Pete, haunted by memories of his fall into the flooded New River, must decide whether to be estranged from the river indefinitely or embrace it once again. Late autumn in the New River Valley brings an unexpected, heavy snow along with new characters and challenges.

How will the family fare? Find out in this thrilling sequel to Where the Crops Never Fail.

Come Talk with Me

By Sara Jane Briggs

Years after publishing her wildly popular memoir of her husband’s miraculous healing, Sara Jane Briggs offers 25 lessons she’s learned through the years. Fellow Christians will be encouraged and challenged to see God’s hand everywhere they look.

Fighting the Good Fight: Overcoming the Power of Your Enemy

By Pastor Larry Briggs 

Wonderful as life is, it can be dangerous. In his third book, Pastor Larry Briggs provides a handful of thoughtful meditations aimed at preparing believers to prepare for battle and move past bad decisions, temptation, worry, anxiety, fear, and toxic relationships.

Unpacked: A psychiatrist explores and unpacks our collective experience of the COVID pandemic

By Dr. Sara Coffey

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted all of us, as individuals, families, and friends navigated the changing landscape in different ways. Dr. Sara Coffey explores our collective experience to this life-altering global pandemic and helps provide some clarity and meaning to those turbulent times.

Joy on a Journey

By Jada M. Samuel (2023 Miss South Carolina) | Illustrated by Chasity Hampton

When Joy is given a school project, she’s not sure what to do. She has to make a presentation on her mentor, but she doesn’t know if she has one. Join her as she works her way home and finds out there are mentors sprinkled throughout her life!

Positively Haiku, Part 2: Peace, love, and discovery in 17 syllables

By Frank Clark, MD | Illustrated by Daria Ponomarenko

Dr. Frank Clark presents another gorgeous book of haikus to inspire and encourage peace, love, and discovery. Complete with Daria Ponomarenko’s unique art, the book is sure to speak to readers of all ages.