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$1 Million Goat

By Dr. Melinda G. McCall | Illustrated by TBD

Ernie isn’t just another goat. He’s a Nigerian dwarf goat, whose medical bills are going to bankrupt his young owner, Sophie Jo. This delightful book is as entertaining as it is educational and will delight readers young and old alike!

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My Nana Is Near

By Nicole Mayfield | Illustrated by TBD

It’s difficult to articulate the grief that comes from your child never knowing a grandparent. This book attempts to do just that.

A gentle, rhyming story, My Nana Is Near speaks of loss and helps children better understand death, grieving, and hope.


My Lucy

By Debbie Wilburn | Illustrated by Maria Octavia Russo

Lucy is a small dog with a big personality. She loves treats, dressing up, snuggling, and having a good time. With such a loving personality, it’s no wonder she means so much to her owner.

This sweet book commemorates the special bond between a girl and her dog, and is sure to be loved by dog lovers worldwide.


Charlotte the Shark Won’t Go to Sleep

By Catherine Tally | Illustrated by TBD

It’s bedtime, and Charlotte the Shark won’t go to sleep! This sweet, rhyming book is sure to get kids giggling. It’ll also have parents laughing along as they know the struggle of getting their little ones to calm down and hit the hay.

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Life Between the Cracks

By Katherine Daugherty

What does it mean to live life between the cracks? You’ll find out soon!

Sophie Tries Again

By Pam Burgess | Illustrated by Aanu David

Sophie is frustrated!

She’s been trying the loop de loop for hours, but she can’t do it.

Join Sophie as she tries again and learns a valuable lesson from her father and Mr. Owliver about perseverance.

Pam Burgess’s third Sophie book reminds young people not to give up. Because if they try again, they may just reach their goals!


Where the Crops Never Fail

By Amanda Midkiff

Enjoy this refreshing story with charming characters who go through a series of events and adventures as they learn the meaning of true love and genuine friendship. You’ll laugh and cry as they become part of life on Riverside Farm. A delightful story for young and old alike!

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Edgar McFloat

By Amanda Felder | Illustrated by Lissa Felzer

Poor Edgar McFloat has no family or friends. Hop in his polka-dot boat and join him on his travels across the world. As he does, he’ll encounters new cultures that change his outlook on life and give him the riches and friends he’s always wanted!

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Five Principles

By Christopher Clay

Five Principles integrates five foundational principles that will help you develop the skills, relationships, and resources needed to position yourself to discover meaning in life. Businesses, communities, and individuals of all types have achieved lasting and meaningful success using these principles. This book acts as a easy-to-read guide to these principles to aid along this path.

Pickles and Pork Rind Go on a Road Trip

By Crystal Cox Shimer | Illustrated by Traci Champion

Did Pickles and Pork Rind buy an RV? Yes, they did!

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By Charnetta Williams | Illustrated by TBD

Penelope has a problem. Actually, she has a lot of problems. And her no-good friends, Self-Doubt and Fear don’t help her solve any of them.

Then one day, she meets Positivity and everything changes. A great story that encourages children to run away from bad mental friends and toward good ones, Charnetta Williams’ first Argyle Fox Publishing book is sure to help your little ones reach for the stars and grab them!

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Little Fishermen

By Betsy Hibbett | Illustrated by Elena Vorobeva

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to go fishing! Grab your pole and bait for a wet day at the river!

As with Betsy Hibbett’s other picture books, Little Fishermen celebrates the small things in life by showing how big and important they really are.

Paired with Elena Vorobeva’s classic illustration style, Little Fishermen is sure to find a cherished place on many youngsters’ bookshelves.