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Where the Crops Never Fail

By Amanda Midkiff

Enjoy this refreshing story with charming characters who go through a series of events and adventures as they learn the meaning of true love and genuine friendship. You’ll laugh and cry as they become part of life on Riverside Farm. A delightful story for young and old alike!

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Edgar McFloat

By Amanda Felder | Illustrated by Lissa Felzer

Poor Edgar McFloat has no family or friends. Hop in his polka-dot boat and join him on his travels across the world. As he does, he’ll encounters new cultures that change his outlook on life and give him the riches and friends he’s always wanted!

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Five Principles

By Christopher Clay

Five Principles integrates five foundational principles that will help you develop the skills, relationships, and resources needed to position yourself to discover meaning in life. Businesses, communities, and individuals of all types have achieved lasting and meaningful success using these principles. This book acts as a easy-to-read guide to these principles to aid along this path.

Pickles and Pork Rind Go on a Road Trip

By Crystal Cox Shimer | Illustrated by Traci Champion

Did Pickles and Pork Rind buy an RV? Yes, they did!

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By Charnetta Williams | Illustrated by TBD

Penelope has a problem. Actually, she has a lot of problems. And her no-good friends, Self-Doubt and Fear don’t help her solve any of them.

Then one day, she meets Positivity and everything changes. A great story that encourages children to run away from bad mental friends and toward good ones, Charnetta Williams’ first Argyle Fox Publishing book is sure to help your little ones reach for the stars and grab them!

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Little Fishermen

By Betsy Hibbett | Illustrated by Elena Vorobeva

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to go fishing! Grab your pole and bait for a wet day at the river!

As with Betsy Hibbett’s other picture books, Little Fishermen celebrates the small things in life by showing how big and important they really are.

Paired with Elena Vorobeva’s classic illustration style, Little Fishermen is sure to find a cherished place on many youngsters’ bookshelves. 

Fox Finds Love

By Roselyn Barks | Illustrated by Roselyn Barks

On his journey to find love, Fox interacts with a number of forest creatures. Each helps in their own way, slowly guiding him to move forward in his journey. Ultimately, Fox finds and rests in love, and all is well.

With all the touches of a classic, Fox Finds Love comes to life courtesy of Barks’s beautiful illustrations.

Pressed Petals

By Maverick Malone

In Pressed Petals, Malone’s first poetry anthology, she explores the themes of self-love and personal growth. This intense focus was brought on by divorce and explored through the deep healing that occurred through the writing process.

Self-discovery, magic, and ultimately hope pulsate throughout the pages of this heartfelt book.

Poppy Goes to the Aquarium

By Rachel Cherry | Illustrated by Laraib Sukhera

Poppy loves playing dress up. She loves going out with her Aunt Lucy even more. When Aunt Lucy invites her on an aquarium adventure, Poppy can’t wait!

Join the pair as they interact with aquarium creatures and learn some Spanish along the way.

Named Amazon’s #1 New Release in Children’s Spanish Books

Discovering My Dyslexia Superpowers

By Megan Nicolas | Illustrated by Emmanuel Ifeanacho

At a young age, it was obvious — I was different. Once I learned I was dyslexic, I realized those differences didn’t make me weak or weird. They gave me superpowers!

Discovering My Dyslexia Superpowers was written to fill a gap in dyslexia literature. Together with her children—one who is dyslexic—Nicolas wanted to encourage and educate others on the brilliant minds of dyslexics and encourage families to help unlock those minds.

Named Amazon’s #1 New Release in Children’s School Issues


By Rachel Randall

When a brilliantly shining boy offers to return Nia to the Sunlands, she’s intrigued. The invisible, controlling imp, Pester, is horrified.

Forced to confront the darker side of impish nature while maintaining an oath to protect Nia, Pester must choose how to act. All the while, Nia must find the strength and courage to escape before the imps of the Shadelands claim her for good.

Ollie the Little Bigfoot

By Traci Champion, Mia Champion-Griffin, and Zoe Champion

Oliver is the littlest Bigfoot in the family, and he does things his way. He experiences the world a bit differently, and that’s okay. It’s who he is, and that’s enough.

Inspired by her son who has autism, Ollie the Little Bigfoot was written to help kids who are on or off the spectrum to remember that differences aren’t bad. They’re what make you one of a kind!