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About Argyle Fox Publishing (The Written Version)

Learn about Argyle Fox Publishing - Daniel Brantley

As an English major, I dreamed of writing a book. When I finally finished writing my first book, I reached out to an author friend for advice. Since she’d written more than seventy books for a major publisher, I thought she would give tips for finding an agent or how to negotiate the best deal. Instead, she recommended self-publishing.

I started researching and found self-publishing exceptionally rewarding. It was also difficult. I learned about fonts and kerning and cover design and the worst part of any small business—marketing.

After releasing my book, I helped friends do the same. Then I realized there were others in a similar situation. They’re in Cleveland and Chattanooga, Tennessee. They live and write in North Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Wyoming, and beyond.

Like me, these authors have something to say, and they want their stories to be heard. While I can’t help them all, I can help a few. So, I created Argyle Fox Publishing to do just that—to help fellow authors bring their publishing dreams to fruition.

While two of us (Daniel & Jessica Brantley) do most of the work, we turn to an amazing team of artists, illustrators, and editors when needed. Every book we publish is handled with love and passion, and we treat every author as we want to be treated.

I realize Argyle Fox isn’t the publishing company for everyone. But if our story resonates with you and you’re ready to get your book off your computer and onto bookshelves, we’d love to make your publishing dreams come true.

Daniel Brantley, Founder of Argyle Fox Publishing

“Argyle Fox was the perfect choice.

I was so impressed by Daniel’s professional advice, quick response time, and simple courtesy. If you are an author who hasn’t published that manuscript yet, this is the best choice you could make. It was a fabulous journey that I hope to make again!”

—Amanda H. Midkiff, Author of Where the Crop Never Fail

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Meet Our Team

Introducing the fine folks who work to make sure your book is just right.

By keeping our team small, we remain flexible and nimble. In other words, we’re poised to help you outfox the competition.

Learn about Argyle Fox Publishing - Daniel Brantley

Daniel Brantley

Editor & Publisher

Jessica Brantley

Design Director