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Why Argyle Fox?

RIGHTS: Maintain all ownership and copyright of your work.


SALES: Review your book sales any time you want.


ROYALTIES: Keep 100% of your book’s profits, which get deposited directly to your account every month.


DISTRIBUTION: Get global distribution to more than 40,000 retailers and libraries, including Amazon, Books-A-Million, and Barnes & Noble.

CONTROL: Maintain control every step of your publishing journey.

Whether your book is fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose, for children or adults, we can get your book off your computer and onto bookshelves.


We can help you share it with others.

Sarah May Author of There Is Always Hope

Author Fulfills Dream

In 2004, wife, mother, and teacher Amanda Midkiff started writing a middle-grade fiction novel. Nearly a decade later, she published it with Argyle Fox Publishing. Thanks to great writing and a strong support system, Where the Crops Never Fail met tremendous success from day one. Within a few weeks, her book founds its way into hands, hearts, and libraries.

Publishing Your Book: How It Works

You wrote a book. Now what? Don’t stress. And please, don’t give up.

Publishing your book can be exhausting and confusing. With our custom publishing services, you quickly get your book off the computer and onto bookshelves without breaking the bank.

1. Submit

The ball gets rolling when you email your book manuscript to us for consideration.

2. Review

We review your submission to ensure it is a good fit. We then prepare a publishing contract.

3. Edit

Your book undergoes in-depth, expert proofreading and editing. Already had your book edited? We give it a light edit to remove any lingering spelling, grammar, or usage mistakes.

4. Design

We make the interior and cover of your book look just how you want. Write a children’s book that need illustrations? We present you with a handful of appropriate artist portfolios and let you choose your artist.

5. Approve

Throughout the process, you’re in charge. You approve every element of your book’s design and layout, from the design of your front cover to the placement of page numbers. Once your book is fully designed, you can order a physical copy of your book to ensure it meets your expectations.

6. Publish

Your book is published and made available for purchase.

7. Profit

You receive 100% of your book’s profits, via direct deposit. You can also order copies at wholesale price to sell or give away.

“Publishing seemed like such a daunting task . . .

It seemed easier to just push the dream to the back burner. Argyle Fox Publishing truly went above and beyond to do all the heavy lifting, and I am immensely grateful. Having my book out in the world has been a dream come true!

—Nicole Mayfield, Author of My Nana Is Near

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Publishing your book:

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