How May We Serve You?

Smart, Simple Publishing

Congratulations! You finished writing your book! Now what?

Don’t stress out. Don’t break the bank. And please, don’t give up.

Instead, kick back and let us do the rest.

With our team of expert editors, designers, and illustrators, your dream of publishing can come true. And since you have full approval over the final look of your book, every aspect of your book looks just how you want.

Once published, we utilize the services of Ingram, which means your book is available at a variety of major and minor book retailers. 

Best of all? Once we launch your book, we never take another penny from you. That’s right—all royalties earned by your book sales go directly to you from day one. In fact, the funds don’t even pass through us, so we couldn’t touch your money if we wanted to! 

You love your book. You’ve labored for weeks, months, and even years over it. Let Argyle Fox Publishing help get it to the finish line. 

Ready to get started? So are we.


You maintain all rights to your book before, during, and after publication.

Your book receives professional editing*, interior and cover design, and (if needed) illustration.

Your book is made available internationally, via paperback and ebook.

We split your cost into small payments that are paid along the way. (You can also pay all upfront, if preferred.)

We offer ongoing support throughout the publishing process.

Your book is given a unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

All royalties (100%) that are earned by your book sales go directly to you via direct deposit.

*Level of editing services required are determined on a case-by-case basis. Editing may be optional in some cases.

Publish your book & have it available for purchase via, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Ingram, and more!