If you have a blog, you may have a potential book idea in there somewhere. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! Turn your blog into a book! Who knows? You just may write a New York Times best-seller like Tim Ferriss, whose blog helped him sell his wildly popular book, The 4-Hour Workweek.

How can you repurpose your content and turn it into a book-worthy manuscript? In a few steps.

Decide on Your Book Topic

The first thing to do when turning your blog into a book is to evaluate your existing content. If you’ve been blogging for some time, focus on the most relevant and popular material.

Then think about your audience. Who will read your book?

When planning to turn your blog into a book, you need to know your audience. Clearly define your target readers and prepare to give them what they expect. That may be pure entertainment or it may be helpful tips for improving their lives. Whatever they expect out of you, give it to them. Otherwise, readers will be frustrated and confused with your book.

Create an Outline

You’re getting closer! Now that you know who your readers are and what your book’s about, create an outline. Brainstorm a table of contents or develop a mind map to figure out what content belongs in your book.

Make sure your outline flows naturally based on what you’re trying to give readers. If you’re writing a how-to book, don’t skip around. Includes step-by-step instructions that are in the right order, so readers can follow along.

While readers know you from your blog, don’t reproduce what’s already published there. Choose the most relevant content and organize it in a way that would benefit your readers. Then rewrite it, adding in new information readers will enjoy learning.

Connect the Dots

This is where the rubber meets the road. Where you really begin to turn your blog into a book.

Once you’ve created a plan, find published blog posts that fit your outline. Make sure the content is relevant to the chapters and don’t force content into a chapter.

After gathering the relevant materials for your book, rework the content and evaluate your book stands. If it’s a bit short or lacking in certain areas, go to the next step.

Fill In the Gaps

With the structure in place, figure out what’s missing. This may not be obvious, so ask an honest friend for help.

If you get stuck thinking about what the content should cover, remember that your goal is to fulfill readers’ needs. What content can you add to enhance their experience with your book? Whatever it is, add it in—even if it means more work for you.

Turn Your Blog into a Book & Publish

Once you turn your blog into a book manuscript, it’s time to find a good book cover artist and design the insides of your book.

Need help taking care of this part? That’s why Argyle Fox Publishing exists.