Image shows a hand holding multilpe credit cards to ask the question Should authors use Square?

A lot of book sales take place online. But that’s not the only way to get books in readers’ hands. You can still move books at in-person events. To do that well, you need a way to make the sell. Should authors use Square in these situations?

In a word, yes. After all, your book is a business. For it to thrive, you have to make sales.

Why You Should Go Square

In today’s world, few people carry cash. Even fewer use checks. To make quick sales, you need a credit card reader.

Square is just that. It’s a simple tool that allows authors to accept credit card payment, wherever you are. How do authors use Square?

First, you have to set up your Square account. This only takes a few minutes. Once you establish your account, request your Square reader. It comes to you, free of charge, in a few days. Once it arrives, you’re ready to start taking payment. It’s really that simple.

To use your Square reader, download the Square app on your phone. Log into your account. Then plug your Square reader into your phone or tablet.

When a customer wants to pay with credit card, type in the amount of the charge on the app, slide the card through the reader, and ask your customer for a signature. The customer signs, you finish the deal, and a receipt gets texted to the customer.

The downside to authors using Square is the cost. Every time you use Square, Square takes a cut of your profit. But Square’s fees are minimal. For many authors, this service fee is outweighed by the convenience of being able to accept credit card.

Can Authors Use Square Without the Reader?

Like all things, Square isn’t perfect. The reader may malfunction, your phone may not recognize it, or you may forget the reader at home. The good news is that authors can use Square without the reader.

That’s right—even when the card reader fails, you can still use Square.

The process is the exact same. There’s just one difference. You don’t swipe the card. Instead, you type in the customer’s credit card number and expiration date. It takes a moment longer but gets to the same end result: a quick sale without handling cash.

What’s the choice? Hoping customers have cash. And if you’re at an event where customers are expected to have cash on hand, that’s fine. But cash reserves run out. What then? By taking credit cards, authors who use Square allow customers to buy their books and save their cash for vendors who weren’t smart enough to get a Square reader.

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