Image shows variety of Polaroid photos to illustrate the idea of whether authors should publish a memoir.

Wondering if you should publish a memoir? Some of the world’s most famous and powerful people have wondered the same thing. Here’s how to figure out whether to put your life story through the publishing process.

First, a Definition

Before deciding to publish a memoir, you need to know what a memoir is.

According to Grammarly, “A memoir is a nonfiction narrative in which the author shares their memories from a specific time period or reflects upon a string of themed occurrences throughout their life.”

Seems simple enough, right? Now, you just have to determine whether publishing yours with a traditional publisher or hybrid publisher or as a self-published author is a good idea.

Use the following tips to determine whether you should put your memoir out for the world to enjoy.

Part of Your Life Deserves a Memoir

Memoirs don’t cover your entire life. They focus on a specific aspect of your life.

A memoir may follow you through a particular time in life, such as your teenage years. Then again, it may span decades and focus on career accomplishments during that time. Or it may home in on one very important relationship, a struggle with addiction, or another part of your life that deserves special attention.

So, is there a part of your life that you feel warrants special attention? Then you may want to publish a memoir.

Plan to write a chronological account of your life from your earliest years until now? That’s not the purpose of a memoir. You should publish an autobiography.

You Have Insight from Your Life Experiences

Memoirs should help readers understand you. They should give insight into what makes you tick (or ticked if your memoir walks readers through your struggle with anger). If you give the book to family members, reading it should help them make sense of your quirks or why you do what you do.

When you publish a memoir, you give more than a factual account of your life. You share how your lived experiences changed and shaped you into the person you are today. It serves as an opportunity to share insight you gained into the world around or within.

The best memoirs are honest. That requires you to be vulnerable. The writing process may not be fun, as you find yourself writing about critical moments in your life that are uncomfortable to discuss. But that’s okay. Write well, sharing how those uncomfortable events grew you into who you are. Use a strong writing style, and your readers will stay engaged. They’ll even root for you and walk away with a better understanding of themselves.

You Want to Publish a Memoir

Since you’re reading this, you likely want to publish a memoir. That’s the most important requirement for turning your memoir manuscript into a quality book. Because if you’re going to write your most personal stories into a compelling memoir, it’s best if you want your target audience to read it. 

Once you’ve got your nonfiction book completed with a great book title and book description, start your publishing journey. Choose from the available publishing options and take action! Before you know it, you’ll have your book in the hands of readers.

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