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Jessica Tabb’s first book is out there—way out there, in outer space. Little Moon, Little Moon is a fantastic rhyming picture book that seeks to answer one question: Where does the moon go during the day when the sun is aglow?

Obviously, a lot of people are excited about its May 31 release, as it was already named Amazon.com’s #1 New Release in Children’s Aeronautics & Space Books.

Traveling the Solar System

In the book, the main character travels the solar system looking for the answer to her question. As she does, you can feel Jessica’s love of space. You can also revel in her curiosity. This is why Jessica wrote the book. She hopes to encourage children to be curious, to ask questions, and to fall in love with all that’s out there beyond planet Earth.

If you have a little one who loves asking question, don’t hesitate. Grab a copy today to activate your child’s curiosity!

And Jessica—congratulations on making this happen! You wrote a great book and then make sure people buy it. Here’s to your first book continuing to grab attention for years to come!

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