Although writing is a solitary activity, writers need to be in the company of like-minded people. Your fellow writers can give you the encouragement, advice, feedback, and support that you need. This is why joining a writing group is beneficial for you. What if there are no writing groups in your area? Or what if the groups you find aren’t appealing to you? It’s time to create a writing group of your own.

What are they and how do you start one? You’re about to find out.

What Are Writing Groups?

A writing group is a supportive community of writers with a common goal of pursuing the art and craft of writing.

Members can learn and help each other by providing information, offering advice, and giving constructive criticism. A writing group is a safe place to discuss any issues related to writing, publishing, and selling books.

Joining a writing group is a great way to enhance your writing skills and meet new people. It also provides you with an opportunity to make friends and find accountable partners who can offer moral support.

Below are some things to consider when creating a writing group.

Set Goals for Your Writing Group

Writing groups can serve various purposes to help writers. Some groups meet regularly to share writing tips or resources and give encouragement. Meanwhile, others are focused on critiquing each other’s work and providing detailed feedback.

Decide on the type of writing group you want to be and start setting goals. Then, you can create a writing group, set the structure, and establish the ground rules for your group.

Advertise and Find Members

Once you’ve laid out the rules and guidelines, you need to spread the word to find members. Use social media sites, such as like Facebook and LinkedIn, to establish your online presence.

You can also create flyers with the important details and leave them in local libraries, cafes, and community spaces.

Find a Good Meeting Place and Time

Find a suitable venue that is centrally located for most people. You can choose to host in your own home to save money and get closer with your members. Not interested in hosting at your home? Cafes, bookstores, and libraries are great places to consider.

Next, set a regular meeting time and schedule that works for members. You should also establish rules and an agenda to keep your meetings on track.

When You Create a Writing Group, Stay Consistent

Don’t be discouraged if there aren’t many people joining your group initially. Some of the best groups only have a handful of members anyway. The important thing is to stay consistent if you want to make your writing group work. Encourage your members to give feedback, so you can evaluate your writing group and make it better.

Be open to learning and accepting suggestions as you go. By ensuring that your group meets the members’ needs, you can create a writing group that everyone will enjoy.

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