We offer flat, transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

Basic Publishing Package

Fiction & Nonfiction: $1,200

Children’s Books: $775

1. Custom Interior Design

Every element of your book’s interior is designed and formatted specifically for your book. We do not use templates.

2. Custom Cover Design

Your book’s entire cover—front, back, and spine—is created, just how you want it.

3. Editing

Your book undergoes a light editing process to correct spelling, grammar, or usage mistakes. (See Add-Ons for more in-depth editing services.)

4. Image Placement

Placement of up to 20 (fiction & nonfiction) or all (children’s) images in your book. Note: You must provide your images. (See Add-Ons to have us provide illustrations for your children’s book.)

5. Physical & Digital Formatting

Unless you request otherwise, your book is formatted for paperback, hardback, and ebook publishing. Note: Picture books are not formatted as ebooks.

6. ISBNs

Each version of your book is given a unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

7. Printing & Distribution

Your book is made available for purchase at more than 40,000 retailers and libraries.

8. Assistance

Argyle Fox Publishing provides ongoing support throughout your publishing journey.

9. Profits

Every penny your book earns goes directly to your bank account, via direct deposit.

10. More Profits

Refer fellow authors to us, and we’ll send you cash! Learn more about our Refer-A-Friend program.


Additional Services to Make Your Book the Best It Can Be

Fiction/Nonfiction Editing: $110/10k words

If your book hasn’t been edited, it needs to be. Simply put, professional editing makes your book better. Through our editing process, we pull out all the tricks to make sure your story flows well and keeps the reader engaged. Not sure if it’s worth having professional editing? Email us 1,000 words of your book and we’ll show what our editing can do for your story—for free.

Children's Book Editing: $250

Most picture books have 1,000 words or fewer. That means every word counts. With this add-on, our professional editors will edit your entire manuscript five or more times to make sure every word is just right. Wonder what professional editing could do for your story? Email us your manuscript for a free sample.

Illustrations: $250+

Need an illustrator for your book? We’ve got you covered, and we’ll do it within your budget. Prices for children’s picture book illustrations start at $450. Want some custom illustrations to sprinkle throughout your picture book or middle grade novel? Prices start at $250. Prices depends on your budget and amount and style of art desired.

Additional Image Placement: $50 per 12

Have a fiction or nonfiction book with more than 20 pictures? We can accomodate that.

Copyright: $110

Your book is copyrighted the moment you write it. For that reason, many never file for an official copyright with the US Copyright Office. For those who do, we’ve created an easy-to-follow video that shows how. Rather have us do it? No problem!