Image shows road with light shining down on it, illustrating the idea that this is the year to publish your book

Make this the year you finally publish your book!

If you’re reading this, you’ve written a book, and you love it. Isn’t it time you publish your book and send it out into the world? Take advantage of the New Year to make it happen!

Why You Should Stop Waiting

Most likely, you’ve been thinking about publishing for a while. But you just haven’t made it happen yet. After all, there are plenty of reasons not to publish your book.

1. It’s confusing. With so many options to get a book to print, it’s hard to choose how to move forward. Should you pitch it to a major publisher? Do it all yourself? Let a company like Argyle Fox Publishing do the hard work for you

No matter what you choose, keep pushing forward with your publishing dream. Otherwise, you’ll always wish you had.

2. Once it’s in print, you can’t make any more changes. This one is particularly hard for the perfectionists out there. 

While we’ve not met just yet, we would like to encourage you to get over it. Nothing will ever be perfect. You’ll always see something you can change. That’s life. Publish your book, and then go write another one that’s even better. That’s how you overcome perfectionism.

3. What if people don’t like it? This is a serious hang up for any creative person. But guess what? You’ll never know what people think about your book if you don’t publish it. Besides, what if they love it? What if you write a book people want to read, and it touches someone who needs it and gives them hope in a dark place?

Fearing people’s reaction has stopped many great people from doing many great things. Don’t be one of them. Be brave and bold. Trust yourself. Believe you’ve written something worth reading. Even if you only sell a few books, you will have gone through the entire publishing process. Few people can claim that bit of fame.

How Do You Publish Your Book?

That’s up to you. If you think you would be a good fit with Argyle Fox Publishing, we would love to hear from you. Submit your manuscript for consideration and you could make this the year your publishing dreams finally came true.