Outdoor illustrates passing time to highlight the topic of when writers should create an IngramSpark account.

You’ve weighed the options and have decided to let IngramSpark print and distribute your book. So, when should you create your IngramSpark account?

Create Your IngramSpark Account Today

Let’s cut to the chase. If you plan to print with IngramSpark, there’s no reason to wait to set up your account. By creating your IngramSpark account today, you get something else marked off your to-do list. And if you aren’t aware, book publishing has quite a long to-do list.

To set up your IngramSpark account, go to the main IngramSpark page. Once there, click on “Create Account” at the top of the page. Then, follow the instructions.

Before getting started, grab your check book and a credit card. Don’t worry—it doesn’t cost any money to set up your account. (It’s even free to upload your book!) However, you need both for important reasons.

  1. When you sell books online, IngramSpark deposits royalties directly to your bank account. By connecting your bank to your IngramSpark account, you ensure you get paid for every book you sell.
  2. Want to order some books to sell or give away in person? You’ll need to pay for those books. That’s where your credit card info comes in. Whatever credit card you attach to your account gets used for your orders.

Why Create Your Account Today

Creating your IngramSpark account doesn’t happen instantly. It can actually take up to a week for your account to go live. In fact, that’s why we’re writing this blog. One of our authors was ready to cross the finish line, but her account wasn’t quite ready. That’s because IngramSpark has real people who process every author’s account. It takes a little longer than you may like, but it ensures everything is in place.

Not interested in setting up your account right this moment? You don’t have to. But don’t wait too long. Otherwise, when your book is ready to go to press, you’ll have to wait a few days for your account to get processed. Set it up today, and your account will be ready when you’re ready to publish.

Before Setting Up Your Account

Need help turning your manuscript into a published book? We’re here to help! Submit your story for consideration today, then go create your IngramSpark account tomorrow for a smooth, speedy process.