your book is one in 4 million

Your book is something special. In fact, your best friend said it’s one in a million. But your best friend is wrong. Your book is one in 4 million. According to research performed by Zippia, that’s how many books get published every year.

What’s that mean for you?

Don’t Give Up

There have always been a lot of books. With 4 million more coming into existence this year, you may feel like giving up. After all, what chance does your book have at success?

Before giving up your publishing dream, remember one thing. While there are a lot of books out there, yours isn’t. If you believe in your book and it offers something to readers, it can succeed.

If this weren’t true, no one would publish new books. But they do! And people buy those books. Don’t believe? Check out our Author News, and you’ll find a number of our authors have published books that are doing quite well. 

Get to Work!

With so many books on the market, you can’t be a lazy marketer. You’ve got to know your target audience and run after them. And you can’t do this just once. You have to do it day after day, over and over again. When you fall off the wagon, you’ve got to climb back on again. Remember—book selling is a long game!

Promote your book in an engaging manner. Help readers realize they need your book. Then sell it to them.

Whatever you do, don’t stay quiet about your book because you’re embarrassed to self-promote. This looks and feels like humility. However, it’s not. It’s how you ensure your book is a failure.

Remember—3.999 million other people published a book this year. You’ve got to help people find your book in the ocean of titles out there. Otherwise, your book will never reach readers.

Ready to Work? Let’s Talk!

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