Author Megan Nicolas and Family

Kansas-based author Megan Nicolas (pictured above with her family) had a story worth telling. When a friend told her about Argyle Fox Publishing, she did some investigation and felt we were a good fit to get her story on bookshelves.

Keep reading to learn more about Megan and her journey publishing Discovering My Dyslexia Superpowers

I know Discovering My Dyslexia Superpowers is a very personal story. How did you come up with the idea?

On a trip to our local library, my twin boys and I were searching for a children’s book about dyslexia. The one we found focused on struggles and difficulties. While that can be experienced with dyslexia, we wanted to tell the other side of the story. My boys said we should write a book that is encouraging. And I agreed! We wrote a story inspired by my own son’s journey with dyslexia and we highlighted the great things about dyslexic brains.

How did you find Argyle Fox Publishing, and what made you think we would be a good fit for your book?

We found Argyle Fox Publishing through connections with longtime friends. My friend, Crystal Cox Shimer, shared her incredible experience with Argyle Fox Publishing. I knew Argyle would be a great fit as they seemed perfect for someone like me who hadn’t published before. Also, I really appreciated the clear pricing so I could decide if the investment was worth it.

Your illustrator, Emmanuel Ifeanacho, did an amazing job! How do his illustrations match your vision, and how was your experience working with him?

Emmanuel has a gift. He works quickly and pays attention to detail. We asked for graphic novel/anime-style illustrations with certain characteristics, and he executed perfectly! He is wildly creative and talented. We couldn’t be happier.

Now that it is published, how will you measure whether your book is a success?

For us, we have always said it will be successful if we encourage even one child or family. Dyslexia isn’t always easy and children oftentimes have difficulties finding intervention that can unlock their learning. We want children with dyslexia to see that they have incredible gifts and superpowers—possibly because of their dyslexia! We want to encourage families to be advocates for their children and search for the right intervention to help them succeed. If any of those things happen, it will be a success. And within one week of release, we have heard that those things are happening!

How have sales been so far, and what have you done to tell people about your book?

The sales have been phenomenal. We have had sales throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. [To market the book, w]e’ve shared on our personal social media page and in groups. We have been interviewed by a local newspaper, library, and news station, and they all ran wonderful articles. Our community, Kansas City, has been so supportive. Connecting with other local authors has been very helpful as well.

What feedback have you gotten so far, and is there a bit of feedback that is particularly special to you?

The best is when families tell me the book brings a smile to their child’s face! We have also had families reach out to us with questions about dyslexia intervention. We are so happy to walk alongside other families as we have had so many people in our early journey to help us along the way. Dyslexia Associations in several states have given us very positive reviews and shared with their groups. We have even set up a website for families filled with resources to help with their dyslexia journey,

What do you wish you’d known about book publishing before beginning the process?

I wish that I would have put more thought into the business side of things before my book was published. I’m now playing catch up. I wouldn’t change it; however, I could have been more prepared to sell my book privately.

What would you say to writers who have great stories but don’t know what to do now?

Email Argyle Fox Publishing and go after your dream! The experience alone has been worth it.

Where can readers find you online? (This can be a website/social media, etc.)
They can find me on my website or on Instagram or Amazon.

Do you have another book in process? If so, can you give us the inside scoop?

I’ve been approached by several families and teachers asking for uplifting and encouraging books about other learning differences. Right now, dyslexia is our passion and we want to focus on it. But there are many opportunities to spread encouragement. It’s not easy being a child these days, so if we can offer a solid product that encourages and empowers children and families, we may expand into a series!

Is there anything else the world should know about you or your writing?

As an occupational therapist, I have had the honor of working with people ages 0 to 100 to help them reach their goals. Supporting families of children with dyslexia has been especially meaningful. During the early pandemic days, I offered handwriting tutoring as there was a greater need to support children because of school disruption and the challenges of virtual school. This book has been a culmination of my work as an occupational therapist, being a parent of a dyslexic, and having a desire to encourage families during challenging times in school.

Thanks so much for sharing your story and letting Argyle Fox Publishing help bring it to the world. Here’s to success!

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