When author Megan Nicolas approached Argyle Fox Publishing about her book, she just wanted to help one person. As word got around, it became clear that her book had a much larger audience. Now, it seems everyone is talking about Discovering My Dyslexia Superpowers!

Just in the first few weeks after her book’s release, Megan was featured in a number of media outlets. Though more interviews are coming soon, here are a couple of the places that have highlighter Megan, her family, and her wonderful book. Click below to check out the stories of her story!

Shawnee Mission Post

Kansas City’s NBC Affiliate (41 KSHB)

Update: The press keeps coming! Here is another link to articles on Megan’s book!

Johnson County Library: Library Offers Helpful Resources for Dyslexia

If you or someone you love lives with dyslexia, pick up Megan’s book to find encouragement and inspiration. And if you’ve written a book that could help someone else, we’d love to help get it off your computer and onto bookshelves. Submit your manuscript to take the first step toward publication.

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