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Looking for a place that offers poetry book publishing? One that treats your book of poems with the respect and care it deserves?

You’ve come to the right place.

Why We Love Poets

Poets see the world differently. Experience the world in a fresh way.

They seize and explore every moment, noting and embellishing minute details that others ignore. They uncover and relish colors, scents, shapes, and textures. They have intense emotions. For poets, the most mundane daily tasks have meaning and purpose.

Without poets, we would not have words to describe our loves and hates with such clarity. We would deal only with the concrete here and now. The world would be a duller place.

So if you’re a poet, thank you for being you!

And if you’ve got a book full of poetry that needs publishing, we’d love to check it out.

Getting Your Book to Print

By turning to Argyle Fox for poetry book publishing services, you can rest easy, knowing we’ll work with you to ensure every page turns out as you envisioned.

Want illustrations to accompany your poems? We’ve got you covered!

Want your poems to sit a certain way on the page? Don’t want them all left justified? We’ll lay it out exactly how you want!

Don’t have an agent? Don’t sweat it, because you don’t need one! You only need your poetry and passion at Argyle Fox Publishing.

If you’re ready to submit your poetry for publication, visit our Author Submissions page to find out how. Wondering about the cost of publishing with Argyle Fox? Get the scoop on our Price page.